• Job Posting; Our recruitment team will prepare a bespoke advert designed to attract the right type of Candidates for you.
  • CV Sourcing; We will source the most suitable CVs for you.
  • Pre Screening; It will help your company search, hunt down and scrutinize the best Candidates from our database who are most suitable to your needs.
  • Interview Arrangement; We will arrange an Skype Interview between the Candidates & Employer.
  • Compliance Documentation; We will arrange with successful Candidates all compliance documents; Job Offer, Application Form, Passport, Police Checks, Employer References, Character References, etc.
  • Travel Planning; Flight Reservation.

Money Back Guarantee Rebate; If any Candidate introduced by us decides to leave or is dismissed by the Employer, LifeInsideUK will offer the Employer a Money Back Guarantee Rebate or a Free Replacement.

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