Where are the Candidates based?

  • Some of our Candidates are in Spain, Europe or Worldwide and ready to fly to the UK asap, and some of them are already in the UK.

Interview Process

The Interview can be done on Skype, and when the Candidate is in the UK, the Interview can be arranged face to face if the Candidate and the Employer agree to do so.

Once the Candidate and the Employer had the Skype interview and both parties are happy, the Employer will send to LifeInsideUK the Job Offer for the Candidate to sign confirming is accepting the Job, and LifeInsideUK will start working together with the Candidate to arrange asap the Compliance Documentation needed, Job Offer signed, Passport, Employer References, Character References, etc.

How soon the Candidates will arrive to the workplace?

  • Normally the Candidates take 1-2 weeks to work out all the Compliance Documentation after the Skype Interview…

“Pay as you wish” 

The Employers are able to choose the Recruitment Fee when Partnering with LifeInsideUK.


Normally, all our Clients choose to partner with us on a Fixed price per Candidate with some rebate, meaning if the Candidate leaves or is dismissed by the Employer before a certain period of time, LifeInsideUK will give some money back or a free replacement.


We can say all the Candidates we place, only the 10% leave the Job or are dismissed by the Employer before 3 months.

Are you still having doubts?

  • Please, tell us your Job Title in the Company, for example; Owner, Recruitment Manager, etc.
  • Please provide the Company Email.
  • If you still have any questions, fill out this form and send it to us.