FAQs for the Candidates

1. Is there a minimum age to work in the UK through LifeInsideUK?
The minimum age is 18 years.

2. Requirements
Average level of English B1, check your level

3. Necessary Documentation
2 Labor References for Jobs and / or your Internship Tutors.
Criminal Record Certificate with attached Sworn Translation.

4. Does this service have any cost?
This service has no cost to the Candidate, as our fees come from British Companies.

5. Do all the Job Offers managed by LifeInsideUK offer accommodation?
Yes, all Job Offers offer Accommodation and the cost of this the British Company will deduct it from your salary each month.

6. What tasks does a Caregiver for the Elderly perform in a UK Nursing Home?
Check out this link.

8. How many hours do you work per week?
They are Permanent Contracts of 36 - 40 hours per week with the possibility of working overtime.

9. How many days off per week?
1 - 2 Days off per week.

10. What would the monthly salary be?
Salary: £ 1,255 - £ 1,950 Gross / month

Starting at £8.72 gross per hour

11. How do I calculate my salary in the UK?
Check out this link.

12. Can I Work in the UK through LifeInsideUK without having European Nationality?


13. Is the Skype Interview with the British Company in English?

14. Will the British Company pay the cost of the Candidate's Travel (Flight, Train, Bus or Taxi) to the UK?
No, the Cost of the Trip is always paid by the Candidate, (in Job offers where the Cost of the Trip is included, the Candidate will pay it first and in the payment of the first Payroll the British Company will make the refund)

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