before and after Brexit

How Brexit changed the UK?


Are you planning to move in the UK? How do you think your life here will be? Maybe your friends gave you the idea there’s all honey and milk in this country. But how Brexit changed the UK ? Employers are reluctant on hiring people from abroad , the requirements for employees increased, big companies are moving their headquarters in other EU countries. How can new immigrants adapt to this environment?

Brexit changed the UK job market

Convincing someone to move in the Great Britain in such uncertain times can be difficult. They might ask for a high relocation bonus or they might leave at the first sign of bad economy. For these reasons, the employers will prefer to hire someone that already lives in the UK, instead of helping you relocate. How can you pass over this obstacle? The solution is to apply with a CV written in British style. According to Immigrant School, a good CV must pass through ATS, be easy to read, hide all the protected characteristics and any flaws in your career. For the best results, ask an HR expert to write your CV.

Brexit changed the UK ’s level of English among immigrants

People voted for Brexit because they wanted to lower the immigration level. Combined with the changes from the British job market, this means that you’ll have to speak English very well before coming here. The most important is to talk in English about your career. Why is this important? Imagine you’re at a job interview and can’t give too many details about your previous work experience. The employer might think your CV is fake, so will decide to not hire you. What type of English classes should you choose? According to Immigrant School, the English lessons on Skype  are the most efficient. You will have a teacher that pays attention only to you, at all times. Also, you can personalize the lessons to match your goal.

In conclusion, moving in the UK is still a good idea. But, you might need some help in order to have a good start. And, don’t forget: after UK will get out of EU, moving here will be much more difficult.