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The UK Care sector has become very paper orientated at times – this is because of years of bad practice, neglect or fraud.

We would all love to not do paperwork and just get on with the direct care – however paperwork will always be a constant in the health and social care sector as one of the major forms of communication.

Communication is part of our key messages within our training sessions at Exigo Training and we focus upon this a lot to ensure safeguards for all are in place.  You may have heard before that you are in the C.A.R.E. sector followed by ‘Cover Arse Record Everything’.

That is exactly what paperwork, records and reports will do for you – it could be the difference between a disciplinary and a successful outcome for the individuals you care for.  Keeping paperwork up to date, accurate and concise is essential – and never do your paperwork before an event or care element has taken place.  We have seen whilst delivering training many incidents of falsified documents being done ahead of time in an interest to save time – but what happens when something major happens?

If you struggle with recording what is relevant and doing it effectively talk to your line manager about undertaking some training or supervision on recording.  Keeping it factual and to the point is a simple starting point – do not waffle.

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